Daniel Craig Loves His Weiner and Third Nipple

January 6, 2012 By:
Daniel Craig Loves His Weiner and Third Nipple

And they say the Internet is killing journalism.

If you aren’t reading by now, I don’t know what it takes to grab your attention. Daniel Craig says a lot of things. Most recently, he made headlines by calling the Kardashians ‘f-cking idiots,’ and now, he’s discussing some of his most intimate body parts. Namely, his penis and his third nipple.

When asked by Vanity Fair what his most prized possession is, Craig responded: “Apart from my penis and my health?”

They should’ve known better than to ask a dude what his most prized possession is. I mean, a woman would never say “my most prized possession is my vag,” but men protect their penises like it’s the core of their very existence. Which explains why they enjoy having their hand down their pants ala Al Bundy when they’re watching TV--they're afraid it’s gonna run away or something.

Anyway, Craig, who stars in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, also dished about another part of his body:

“My third nipple,” Craig responded when asked what his most marked physical characteristic is. Who knew James Bond had a tripple?

I think at this point it’s safe to say Daniel Craig isn’t taking these questions very seriously. And when they asked what his favorite quality is in a woman, Daniel responded: “a good mustache.”

Daniel is married to Rachel Weisz, and the two had a private ceremony in New York last June, with only four guests attending. They made their red carpet debut on Thursday night. Weisz and Craig walked the carpet for Weisz’s new flick, The Whistleblower. She looked pretty hot, even without a mustache.