Daniel Craig Dishes On Next Bond Movie

December 8, 2008 By:
Daniel Craig Dishes On Next Bond Movie

Daniel Craig is tired of getting beat up for his role as James Bond. So when asked about the next installment, he said he wants for there to be a whole new storyline.

He tells Collider magazine, "No f**king way. I’m done with that story. I want to lie on a beach for the first half an hour of the next movie drinking a cocktail.

"We’ve finished this story as far as I’m concerned. We’ve got a great set of bad guys. There is an organization that we can use whenever we want to. The relationship between Bond and M is secure and Felix is secure. Let’s try and find where Moneypenny came from and where Q comes from. Let’s do all that and have some fun with it."

But don’t get too excited! Craig says there are no current plans to start shooting on the next Bond movie. He adds, "Nobody’s thinking about it at the moment. We’re giving it a rest for the moment. If I can squeeze something in next year I will… but I haven’t figured out what that’ll be yet. But nothing in the cold."

We don’t mind if he’s lying on a beach for half of the next movie. The more shirtless screen time for him, the better! Besides, we were pretty disappointed because we did not see enough skin in Quantum of Solace. Bond has to always show skin!