Bond Producer: Daniel Craig Is "Greatest Bond"

October 29, 2008 By:
Bond Producer: Daniel Craig Is

Daniel Craig is the "greatest Bond" ever according to "Quantum of Solace" co-producer Michael G. Wilson...and Hollyscoop.

Wilson told British radio station Heart FM: "He is the greatest Bond right now and the people love him." We couldn't agree with Michael more!

Wilson also confirmed that there will be another Bond movie, and Craig will definitely be returning to the role in early 2009.

He said: "Last time when we were in post production on 'Casino Royale' we were already working on 'Quantum of Solace.'"

"This time we haven't started, but in January we are going to get some writers together and start kicking some ideas around."

Just for kicks we thought we'd remind you of why Daniel Craig is the greatest bond...shirtless at least.