Best Rejected Bond Titles

November 29, 2012 By:
Best Rejected Bond Titles

In case you haven’t logged on to Twitter yet today, prepare to find #RejectedBondTitles trending like crazy.

The James Bond-inspired Internet meme has brought out a collective cleverness in the masses, members of which have apparently been avoiding their daily obligations to come up with some of the best spy movie titles that will never see the light of say. Though, judging by this list, that’s probably for the best…

Here’s some of our favorite fake rejected Bond titles that users have crafted along with some of our own concoctions thrown into the mix.


“Spoiler Alert: In This Movie Bond Lives And Kills The Bad Guy And Meets A Girl With An Ironic Name” —via @sincerelyWaldo

“Gold Bond Medicated Powder Finger” — via @yakkopinky

“From Rehab with Love, the Amanda Bynes Story” — via @Hollyscoop

“The Spy Who Loved Me But Wasn't, Like, IN Love With Me” — via @bazecraze

“Live and Whatever” — via @kelly_carlin

“The Spy Who Always Looks Exceedingly Well Groomed For Someone Who Never Seems to Have a Lint Roller Handy” — via @Hollyscoop

“The Spy Who Loved Mumford And Sons Before They Became Popular” — via @VinHampton

“Casino Royale with Cheese” — via @lesabotage

“Daniel Craig Wearing a Suit and Just Generally Being Really Attractive” — via @Hollyscoop

“The Spy Who Less Than Threed Me” — via @phirm

“Diamonds are Forever, Unless it was From Jared's” — via @Hollyscoop 

“I Respect Females” — via @heythisisbrian

“You Only Live Twice if You Believe In Reincarnation Otherwise This Is It Buddy” — via @AdamHorowitz

“Oh No Scary Gadget Man Don’t Hurt My Peanus — via @robdelaney

“Never Say Never Again, Including You Bieber” — via @Hollysoop

“OctoMom'sP*ssy” —via @Hollyscoop

“We have made too many of these things.” — via @moshekasher

“The Spy Who Loved Soundgarden's First Album But Not So Much Their Other Stuff” @JamesUrbaniak

“Tie-Dye Another Day” — via @theangrymick

“Diamonds Are Forever, Unless You're Kris Humphries, In Which Case Kim Kardashian Gets to Keep It” —via @Hollyscoop

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