Daniel Baldwin's Wife Arrested

July 14, 2011 By:
Daniel Baldwin's Wife Arrested
Daniel Baldwin’s wife is low-key cray cray. It was reported this week that she threatened to kill Daniel on several occasions, which is why he filed for divorce and filed for a restraining order, and now she’s just been arrested.

Joanne Baldwin turned herself in to the Lake Oswego Police Department in Oregon after admitting to consuming alcohol, which is in violation of her probation for a DUI charge.

This marriage was doomed from the start. Daniel met Joanne in 2007 when she was a chef at a rehab facility he was staying at for treatment for his drug addiction. This was a match made in rehab heaven.

In Daniel’s petition for a restraining order from Joanne, amongst the claims that she threatened to kill him he also stated that Joanne had many problems stemming from drug and alcohol use.

Joanne was booked and transferred to Clackamas County Jail where she will remain without bail until her court date on July 20.

As nuts as Joanne Baldwin seems, she was served divorce papers, a restraining order and an arrest all within days of each other. Someone’s having the worst week ever.