Russell Brand Defends Dane Cook's Controversial Joke

July 30, 2012 By:
Russell Brand Defends Dane Cook's Controversial Joke

Earlier this week, “comedian” Dane Cook made a pretty off-colored joke about The Dark Knight Rises and the massacre at Aurora, CO. The joke involving him saying something like, and I’m paraphrasing here…guy goes to see The Dark Knight Rises, 25 minutes it realizes that it sucks and is like, “ugh f-cking shoot me.”

It was a terrible joke, it was in poor taste, and was entirely “too soon.”

Now, Russell Brand is defending Dane Cook saying that it’s “his job” to say controversial jokes like that, or something.

Dane Cook Cracks 'Dark Knight' Shooting Joke During Stand-Up

“I think if someone’s job is a comedian and they say something, like in the analysis of the content of their statement, you should recall the bit that they’re a comedian,” Brand told reporters at a panel for his new show BrandX, “I’ve noticed a lot of people sort of remove [the fact that they are comedians] from the analysis to sort of create some storm of condemnation.”

Brand is also defending Daniel Tosh, another comedian who weeks ago made a rape joke and caused a woman to get very upset and start heckling him.

“I don’t know about what Dane Cook or Daniel Tosh said, but I know that they are comedians, and I know they’re nice human beings, so I don’t imagine that they had any intention other than to elicit laughter from their fellow human beings, as is their job,” says Brand, “I would imagine that [their act] was well intentioned.”

Well, Brand is just playing devil’s advocate because he’s a zen yogi now. Also, he probably fears the backlash from Cook and Tosh especially since Brand is considered a “sell-out” comic, mostly because he married a celebrity and stars in crappy movies.