Video: Nancy Grace Has Nip Slip on DWTS

September 27, 2011 By:
Video: Nancy Grace Has Nip Slip on DWTS

Nancy Grace had a “wardrobe malfunction” on Dancing With The Stars last night, aka a “nip slip,” so enjoy, if you’re into that sort of thing and I’m sorry if you are.

Nancy danced the quickstep on last night’s episode of DWTS and just as her performance ended she suffered a little wardrobe malfunction. The camera immediately cut away to stock footage of an audience looking stunned, while audio of a hooting-and-hollering audience played.

The usually fierce Nancy, who terrorizes people daily on her HLN show, hung her head in embarrassment and buried her face into her dance partner, Tristan McManus’s shoulder.

Nancy quickly adjusted her dress as Tom Bergeron joked, “On the European version that would be perfectly fine.” Hahaha, ewwww. Later, Grace said she hadn’t noticed anything. So she was hanging her head because she thought her performance was bad, not that she was embarrassed over her wardrobe malfunction.

However, the nip-slip didn’t affect her scores that night. Len Goodman thought her performance was “refreshing” and called it a “proper quickstep. Well done!”

Bruno Tonioli gushed over her performance and her wardrobe mishap, “Nancy, vivacious, alive, and confident. It was a bit top-heavy at times, my darling. And I got an eyeful! I couldn’t miss that. But it really is great to see you taking over the dance floor and performing.”

Carrie Ann Inaba, who is usually the closest thing to a “Simon Cowell” that they have on this “dance show” praised Nancy, saying she could see her “improvement” from last week and loved the couples chemistry, “You guys are making an incredible team.”

Overall, Nancy scored 21 out of 30 points, falling just behind the shows top earner Ricki Lake who scored 23 points. The nights lowest scoring contestant was Chaz Bono, earning just 17 out of 30 points.

The judges praised Ricky Lake for having the “best jive of the night,” even though Len Goodman said it was a little too “racy” and “disturbed” him a little. She got a little too down and dirty with her much younger dance partner, Derek Hough, which probably wouldn’t have been a problem if his dance partner was Kristen Cavallari or Elisabetta Canalis.

It was former “The Hills” villain, Kristen Cavallari who earned the second highest score for her quickstep. “Last week nervous, this week stunning and sophisticated. I thought it was gorgeous,” said Carrie Ann.

And Judge Bruno was “bedazzled by the blonde bombshell,” and I think it’s fair to say he doesn’t know what a bedazzled item of clothing looks like, or he wouldn’t consider that a compliment.

But poor Chaz Bono, scored low because his injuries from being overweight got in the weigh of his dancing. His arthritis in his knees kept him on ice all through practice. But the judges weren’t sympathetic, “I’m so sorry that you’re in pain, but pain is part of the territory on this show.”

Dancing With the Stars or The Biggest Looser? Which show makes you feel worse about the way you look? I’m going to say DWTS because of the following comment from Bruno, “There is a likeability about you, Chaz. It was like watching a little Ewok dance with Princess Leia.”

Hahah, and now I know who the “Paula Abdul” is on this show.

Check out Nancy’s nip slip below: