Todd Palin: I Want to Dance Too

December 2, 2010 By:
Todd Palin: I Want to Dance Too

If you thought having Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars was a bad idea, wait til you get a load of this.

According to E! online, Bristol's dad Todd Palin now wants in on the show and is being considered for the next season. Short dresses and hot dancers? He's totally there!

Bristol Palin: Hollywood's Next Millionaire

A source told E! News: "They want him big time. They'd love Sarah herself, but that will never happen, so why not dad?"

Sarah and Todd have been battling divorce rumors for over a year now. Having him do the tango with a smoking hot 20 something year old on national television isn't exactly the best way to squash the rumors. But than again, Bristol made a ton of cash from the show, so maybe he'll do it for the Benjamin's.