Shannon Goes Home On DWTS

April 30, 2008 By:
Shannon Goes Home On DWTS

This week's results show offered two sorts of outcomes: Another couple was sent home, but not until Cristian de la Fuente revealed the prognosis for the injury he suffered during Monday night's samba. A funny tid bit with judges dressed in glitters and stars dished up on the dancers- often poking fun at them. It was funny and different.

Toward the show's very end, Cristian revealed that he had in fact ruptured a bicep tendon and that it would require surgery to repair it. The doc and knife will have to wait, though, as de la Fuente aspires to stay in the competition as long as viewers want him and Cheryl around. "If people voted for us and they want us to be on the show, I would like to be there and not give up," he told Tom Bergeron. And also mentioned if a deaf woman can dance, well than I can dance! 

As it would be divulged moments later, people do want Cristian and Cheryl around. After that couple was declared safe, Shannon and Derek — rumored off-stage love birds — were instead sent home. Earlier in the night they gave apologies for their outbursts last week about the judges nit picking on them. Wonder what spawned that apology?! And the judges decided that next week a lift will be allowed but only one and it has to go with the style of the dance. Geez, they just can't make up their minds...lifts or no lifts?!

What do you think, are you sad to see Shannon go? Will Cristian win sympathy votes, although his use of his arm may not be 100 percent and may affect his dances??
So many questions....hmmmm!