Rob Kardashian: My Mom "Forced" Me to Join 'DWTS'

August 31, 2011 By:
Rob Kardashian: My Mom

It's about time Rob Kardashian did something. He hangs out at his sisters' houses so much, I was starting to think he was an E! camera guy. They might as well get him a job holding a boom mic or something. Put him to use.

It was announced on Monday that Rob would be part of the lineup on Dancing with the Stars. But Rob is claiming that is mother, Kris Jenner, forced him to do it. This is surprising, because she usually does such a great job of keeping out of her kids’ lives.

According to the 24 year-old reality star, it was Kris who made him decide to be on DWTS. He told Life & Style magazine:
“I'm actually shocked that I'm doing it - I'm very low-key and really don't like being in the spotlight, but my mom forced me. That's the real reason I'm doing it!"

Isn’t Rob a little too old to have a stage mom? At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kris Jenner and Rob Kardashian appeared on an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras.

And could there be a little sibling rivalry? Kim competed on the show in 2008, only making it to the third week.

“She forced Kim to do it, too,” Rob divulges. “[My family] told me that I had better beat Kim as she's a terrible dancer, and if I couldn't do this, then I had a problem. I'm hoping that I do well."

Because being on the show requires getting off the couch, I’m not so sure Rob is looking forward to the rigorous rehearsal schedule. But he’s pretending to enjoy the fact that he’ll be getting in shape, at least.

“I weigh more than I've ever weighed, at more than 200 pounds. I'm usually always in shape, but I've been enjoying not working out and eating crap, so I'll use this to really start getting in shape!"

And playing on our pity, Rob says: "You probably wouldn't know, but I'm the most insecure and overweight I've ever been."

"I'm not a confident dancer at all," he admitted.

Oh, this is gonna be good.

"Down the road... I don't want to be that guy who doesn't dance at his own wedding!"

Rob hasn't even started the show, and he's already taking potshots at his sister:

"She just said, like 'You're going to be really nervous.' [But] I don't want her advice - I don't need advice from someone who lasted, I think three weeks."