Recap: Dancing With The Stars

March 25, 2008 By:
Recap: Dancing With The Stars

Phew! DWTS was a marathon, not a sprint. As much as we love this show, 2 hours and all 12 competitors was a bit much. Luckily, there is nothing a good mambo can’t fix. It's D-List casserole time. So get yourself a plate cause were serving up your recap!

Could Mahoney be any cuter? Despite some major stiffness (hehe), he seemed to be enjoying himself. Let’s hope he sticks around long enough to revive his career. ABC — get this man a pilot! Military Christian bit was ridiculous but his dancing was not. Thankfully, Cheryl has someone who can keep up with her this year. Did you read up on her scandal with Drew Lachey's rumored hook up? Hmm...

Monica wasn't as big of a disaster as expected, but it wasn't pretty either. Dancing just isn't her thing, and that's ok. At least she went for it. A for effort! Penn had a tough dance for someone who isn't light on their feet, but he managed to entertain while he was fumbling through it. Shannon looked fabulous and did a great job. Derek put together an entertaining routine and it was one of the best dances of the night. Can you believe she's 35? Hot!

Jason, he could have been a little looser, but he did well considering the fact that it was a challenging routine. Kristi did a great dance. For someone who has a hard time "shaking it," she was quite fierce out there. Marissa improved a lot this week and her energy came in handy, so she had no reason to shed any tears. She has a way of pulling attention to her face, which is good since the judges don't seem to think she has the best technique.

Mario looked completely in control and he may be the first person that doesn’t let their professional partner lead. They saved the best for last. Let's meet back here tomorrow for the first eviction of the season. Till then, put your dancing shoes on!