Queen Latifah and Tiffani Thiessen Signed On For 'Dancing With the Stars'?

August 12, 2011 By:
Queen Latifah and Tiffani Thiessen Signed On For 'Dancing With the Stars'?

We might finally know who will be rocking the dance floor next season. Snooki and Rob Kardashian were the first to officially sign on to Dancing with the Stars. Now, TMZ is reporting that Queen Latifah and Tiffani Thiessen will be a part of the lineup.

Producers have said that they planned on upgrading the contestants for the new season, and I guess this is what they came up with.

Tiffani’s rep tells TMZ she is denying any involvement, but sources insist, she’s going to be on the show. We’ll see!

Dancing with the Stars has come a long way since their first few seasons. They went from stars like Kristi Yamaguchi and Drew Lachey to Jennifer Grey and Ralph Macchio.

Being on the show seems to have launched the career for a lot of stars, too. Look at Stacy Keibler. Unless you’re a wrestling nerd, you had no idea who Stacy Keibler was when she was on DWTS. Now, she’s dating George Clooney. Okay, it’s not something you can put on your resume, but it’s dating George Clooney.

Julianne Hough also became a household name after she appeared on the show. Her relationship with Ryan Seacrest doesn’t hurt, either.

Kirstie Alley was on the show last season after years of going into relative obscurity. She made a big comeback. Especially after she lost all that weight. All anyone was talking about was how she did it. Kendra Wilkinson certainly reaped some benefit from starring on the show. During her time on DWTS, she said being on the show was great for her sex life.

“If you come to my trailer after this you may see it moving back and forth. I'm definitely bringing the splits into the bedroom tonight!"

And Bristol Palin went from being a modest politician (and I use that term loosely)’s daughter to being a superstar. She joined the cast and, whether they were rolling their eyes or tuning in as true fans, people were talking about Bristol. Now she’s got a book out, and anything she does is headline news.

We haven’t heard anything from Tiffani Thiessen in a while. Actually, I think the last time I saw her in anything was when she and Zack Morris were breaking up while wearing Romeo and Juliet costumes. If she has signed on, this could be an excellent comeback.

Queen Latifah might be one of the biggest names the show has nabbed, and something tells me she’d kill.

As for Rob Kardashian, I’m just happy he finally got a job.

And for the sake of Snooki, I really hope the floors aren’t that slippery.