Joey Lawrence Takes Issue With 'DWTS All-Stars' Casting

August 3, 2012 By:

Joey Lawrence apparently side-stepped right on out of an offer to join “Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars.”

Those of you who saw the list of “All Star” dancers released on Monday probably noticed a pretty glaring fan favorite omission, Joey Lawrence.

Earlier this month, the aging heartthrob, prime time actor and recent man of Chippendale, tweeted a request for votes to win a spot on the show:

According to People magazine, he apparently he got his wish…. Only to turn it down, due to issues with line-up.

In 2006, during season three, Lawrence made it to the finals but lost to Mario Lopez and Emmitt Smith, who a few episodes later claimed the title, and the mirrored ball trophy.

Of Smith's addition to the “All Stars,” Lawrence comments on greed, with a laugh, "Emmitt apparently feels the need to have another mirror-ball trophy."

Then he elaborated on what he feels is the problem with the casting choices, "It should be all runner-ups. I don't think any champions back in the mix makes any sense. If you don't win, then you've done worse than you did the last time ... I think to throw champions in the mix is weird, unless it's all champions."

So there you go, Joey’s decision to sit this one out doesn’t have anything whatsoever to do with possible losers remorse, he just wants to play a fair game, winners on winners, or losers on losers.

And if that’s not an option he’s got to go shopping for more of those little black bowties.