Joanna Krupa Elliminated from DWTS

November 18, 2009 By:
Joanna Krupa Elliminated from DWTS

Joanna Krupa was shockingly eliminated from Dancing with the Stars last, leaving Kelly Osbourne, Mya, and Donnie Osmond to battle it out in the finals!

Joanna and her partner Derek Hough were really consistent throughout the season, and got 81 out of 90 points for their Viennese waltz on Monday. But fan votes, which are combined with judges' scores, dropped their overall scores too low to survive the final cut.

But despite fans being shocked, Joanna was prepared for the elimination. She told E! News backstage, "It was a hard competition and I knew that tonight anything could happen, so I was prepared for it."

"Being so close, it sucks not being able to go to the finals," Joanna tells us. "But I guess it is what it is. Even though I got to the semi-finals, I'm over-the-moon excited.”

As for who Joanna and Derek are rooting for now? Kelly! "She came in raw with no experience. She deserves a chance to win the title," Krupa said. "She's a doll face. I adore her."

Derek continued, "We're definitely proud of Kelly. She's grown so much, you just can't help but love her and root for her."

Are you rooting for Kelly to win the whole thing?