Jaleel White Addresses Domestic Abuse Allegations On TV

April 19, 2012 By:
Jaleel White Addresses Domestic Abuse Allegations On TV

Jaleel White, best known as “Urkel” and current “Dancing With The Stars” contestant, is being accused of domestic violence against his ex-wife, according to his ex-wife.

His ex, Bridget Hardy, alleges that he abused her, pushed her into the toilet, refused to go to Michael Jackson’s funeral for fear of ruining his “sexy” image, being a serial cheater and finding nude pics of other women in his phone.

“Did I Do That?” – Yeah, well, she’s saying you did.

Wait, he wouldn't go to Michael Jacksons funeral because it was "unsexy?" He's Urkel! Everything he does is "unsexy!"

The allegations made by White's ex are from 2010, but they are coming back into the limelight because the performer is now on DWTS, or as he put it, “Dancing with the Stars has been this amazing blessing and this curse.”

White set the record straight during his appearance on "The Wendy Williams Show" Thursday.

“I can’t really say much because I’m heading to court in a month,” says White, but adds, “[There is] no domestic violence. As far as the allegations are concerned, its about as true as Justin Bieber having a child with one of his Beliebers.”

White claims that the domestic violence accusations were just a ploy by his ex-wife, used to keep him from getting custody of his daughter.

According to TMZ, White was never charged with domestic battery for the 2010 incident because there was not enough evidence for the LAPD to go forward with the case.

“This is something that spun out of control that was a dirty tactic by her [Hardy’s] attorneys,” says White.

“I’d like to set the record straight," White continues," some people when they break apart they have a hard time being happy for the other person. I hope at some point that she realizes that we are the best thing that’s going to happen in that little girls life and to please take it out of the press.”