'DWTS' Ricky Lake Injures Herself Already

September 9, 2011 By:
'DWTS' Ricky Lake Injures Herself Already

At least wait till the show actually starts, Ricki.

In preparation for the thirteen season of Dancing With the Stars (why do I feel like there's a crowd applause every time I say Dancing With the Stars), Ricki Lake has hurt herself during rehearsal.

On Thursday, the 42 year-old actress tweeted a pic of a giant bruise on her shin that she sustained while working with her partner, Derek Hough.

"Look, my first injury," Lake Tweeted. "Don’t ask how it happened."

But if the suspense is killing you, don't worry, she explained later:

"I injured myself yesterday by hitting my heel into my shin," Lake said.

Should I tell her? Okay, fine...I'm sorry, Ricki. We love you. But you're going to lose.

I just imagine during rehearsal, Derek said, "Ok, Ricki, let's see what ya got," and then she did a ridiculous jump ala Stuart on MadTV: Look what I can do!

Lake says, "I'm fine," but an ambulance was called to the scene just to be on the safe side.

I just looked at this photo, and seriously, I have a hangnail right now that looks worse than this. So paramedics were basically called to respond to an injury that was along the lines of stubbing your toe. And somewhere, a little old lady has fallen and is waiting for someone to help her get up. Sorry we're late! Ricki Lake got a boo-boo!

Later on, Lake tweeted the photo of herself standing next to a poster with former contestant Kirstie Alley.

"I've got my work cut out for me," she wrote. "Channeling ya' mama."

Yes, you definitely are, considering Alley fell on her ass, too. But actually, falling on your ass makes more sense than falling on your leg with your other leg.

So who else has been injured during their residency on DWTS? Back in May, pro dancer Kym Johnson bruised herself so badly, she was taken to the hospital.

“Kym injured herself during rehearsals today, she was taken to hospital for precautionary measures, to assure she is okay,” her rep said at the time.

In the same season, Ralph Macchio suffered from a ruptured cyst in his knee. But if we've learned anything from the Karate Kid, it's that nothing is going to keep Ralp Macchio down. That's what that movie was about, right? It's been so long I honestly don’t remember. Something about a grasshopper, too, I think.

Back in Season 7, Julianne Hough was hospitalized, too, though she had appendicitis. The worst part is, she initially kept dancing while she had it.

"I didn't want this whole drama with, like, the cameras filming you," Hough said when asked why she didn't seek medical treatment sooner. "I kept going through the show and I was just kind of quiet, and through the show it just kept getting worse and worse."

I guess the show must go on, excruciating pain or not. Back to Ricki, I don’t know how she's going to hold up starting off like this, but we wish her the best of luck. Derek's got his hands full.