DWTS Recap

May 14, 2008 By:
DWTS Recap

The final three couples are going to need all the stamina they can muster going into the finals. Next week, they'll be called upon to do three dances: an encore dance of their choosing, the game-changing freestyle, and a cha cha dance-off, with each couple performing to the same song so the audience can make their own comparisons.

  Omarion performed Thiller! And no one's gonna save you from the beast about to strike! Now that was a musical performance I could sink my teeth into.

  Budding bromance between Jason and Cristian was a cute highlight for the evening. Maybe they can both push Kristi out of this game!  

Marissa took her leave and was eliminated by America. She stayed her usual optimistic self and is sure to have lots of fun doing the media circuit today. She will do really well on Broadway and possibly syndicated TV. She was very lucky to recruit all her fans that from the show. This is for sure not to be the last from her!

And we are in for quite a finale next week, with the eager anticipation of the freestyle dances our top three will come up with to entertain and dazzle us!