Donnie Osmond To Join Dancing With The Stars

January 27, 2009 By:
Donnie Osmond To Join Dancing With The Stars

In a desperate attempt to sty relevant, Donnie Osmond has gone and spilled the beans on the fact that he’s joining the cast of Dancing with the Stars next season. Only problem is, does anyone care???

He’s following in his sister Marie’s footsteps and hopes to fox trot his way back into the limelight. During a taping of the Bonnie Hunt Show, Donnie announced, "Well, I guess I am making an announcement. I'll say I am seriously considering doing it, let's put it that way."

He makes it sound like he has so many other things going on! If we were Donnie, we take that chance and run with it! DWTS is a total career resuscitator! But Donnie did go on to say, "It is going to be very difficult because I am going to be doing Vegas on top of doing Dancing with the Stars.”

Ah, that’s right. We’d almost forgot about that forgotten Vegas act he and Marie do at the Flamingo. Well, it’s obvious that Donnie should take the offer. Let’s just hope he doesn’t try and dress up like that creepy doll like his sister did. That was one shameless act of self-promotion!