Dancing With The Stars Winner Announced

May 21, 2008 By:
Dancing With The Stars Winner Announced

And the winner is....wait--before we get to that, lets recap the season's eliminated dancers.... Penn Jillette performed a cha-cha and was entertaining at best. Monica Seles also performed and even though it wasn't great, she was willing to come out and give it another shot. Mahoney Steve performed an impressive tango, Adam Carolla got on his unicycle again (loved it and his speech!), Cilla did a sultry tango, Marlee marveled with a mambo, Shannon and her possible lovah danced a quickstep, Mario blew everyone away with a mambo that was h-o-t, and Marissa took one last ride on the Winokur Wave. Whew!!

On with the show, Cristian was given the first set of bad news and took third place. Kristi performed her jive from earlier in the season, which got her a perfect score. Of course, it was just as exhilarating as it was the first time. She received a glowing review from the judges and it was nice to see her moved to tears by the whole experience.
Jive 30. A perfect 90 for the finale. Wow!
Jason had quite a hill to climb after her jive but that quickstep he did was his best dance of the season. He had the odds against him for a chance of beating Kristi but that doesn't mean he didn't do an amazing job. Quickstep 30. A total of 81/90 for the finale.

Now on to the results, was there ever any doubt he winner would be Kristi? I think they inscribed her name on the trophy after the first couple of weeks. She really deserved it and the streak of male winners is finally over! Way to go, Kristi! A hat tip to Jason, he really hung in there and it's great to see the sports players take this so seriously. I'm sure ballroom dancing is something a guy like him could take a lot of heat for in the locker room but he seemed proud of it!

Now that season six is under wraps, who do you think will be in the dance for season 7...?!! Would you vote for Paula "Crazy" Abdul??