"Dancing With The Stars" Recap

April 23, 2008 By:

Let's have a moment of silence in honor of Marlee. . . .

Some people may say that Marlee just couldn't overcome her disability and that's why she was voted off of the show last night. The magnitude of what she did every week was truly inspiring. She makes us realize how lucky we are to have all our senses and how it can be taken for granted. She started out well but had two bad weeks in a row and that was ultimately her demise. Don't the handi-challenged get sympathy votes? Guess not but the voters made the right choice according to skill, but it was still sort of sad.

Drama alert: Shannon Elizabeth was a cry baby about her critiques from Monday night. Derek threw everyone else under the bus to defend her. Bitter? Yes. And we love it.

Ashlee Simpson performed songs from her latest album. She's working the market right now and is getting much media attention because of her engagement and baby rumors with Pete Wentz. Something tells us this union will last much longer than big sis Jessica's marriage. One question though why was she dressed like her sister singing a pop song? She used to be more rock-ish. Love her raspy voice and it goes well with the rock genre.

Paula Abdul made an odd appearance this week. She's whoring herself out to DWTS in an effort to be cast in next season's show. Does anyone want to see this choreographer compete in a dance show? Is that even fair considering her past experience? We'll consider watching her if she doses her usual Valium beforehand. Wipeout---yes indeed!

And for the most melodramatic moment of the night---and comical--we got an inside look at how the judges, well, judge! It was good to hear them admit it's easy for them to miss something and it's a quick decision so maybe they aren't getting it 100% correct. Take note fans: the judges are sometimes wrong!!

Despite having the second highest score, Mario found himself in the bottom two against Marlee. He's good but doesn't seem to have the fan base. Marlee's exit speech was the best moment of the show. She's so eloquent and always seems to say just the perfect thing. Was anyone surprised to learn that she and Tom were such good friends. His goodbye to her was very sweet. Tom, the Fonz, who's next? Oprah?

Stay tuned for next week. We'll find out which of the celebs have two dances to nail down. Post your concerns, gripes, and comments below!