Dancing With the Stars 2011 Cast Revealed

August 29, 2011 By:
Dancing With the Stars 2011 Cast Revealed

The official lineup for Dancing with the Stars will finally be revealed tonight. Which is great news, because I’m tired of having my emotions toyed with.

First Snooki is confirmed, then she’s not. Then Queen Latifah is going to be on it, then she's not. It’s like we’re just tossing in random names at this point. The wait will soon be over, but here are the Season 13 predictions.

According to TMZ, Chaz Bono has signed on for the next season. Multiple sources connected with the show have reportedly confirmed that Chaz will be part of the lineup and he’ll be dancing with a woman.

David Arquette is also on their radar, and rumor is that he’ll be partnered up with last season’s champ, Kym Johnson.

E! is reporting that Elisabetta Canalis, better known as George Clooney’s ex, is part of the lineup. Robert Kardashian is reportedly also in the mix. About time he got a job.

According to Celebuzz, Kim Richards, the star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, has already been rehearsing in the Dancing with the Stars studios.

Both Snooki and Queen Latifah, were one of the original names tossed in, but both have taken to Twitter to shoot down the rumors. Snooki tweeted:

“I love watching Dancing with the Stars but I am not apart of the cast! Sorry Tweedos.”

That’s a huge disappointment, because I really wanted to see Snooki try to dance wearing fuzzy slippers while she’s drunk off pickle juice.

And as for Queen Latifah, she Tweeted:

“No truth to the rumors of me doing Dancing With The Stars. Love the show though, so I’ll be watching just like you!”

The latest name attached to the next season is Nancy Grace. Yep, that’s right. TMZ says that Nancy and her DWTS partner met up for the first time in Atlanta last week. She may actually be practicing in Atlanta and then traveling to Los Angeles once a week for the live performance.

This only makes me wish Snooki were a part of the show even more. Can you imagine the inevitable shouting match that would erupt between these two?

Ricki Lake, Tiffani Thiessen, and Ryan O’Neal have also been rumored to be part of the lineup. The new cast will be announced Monday night during The Bachelor Pad. What are your predictions for Season 13 of DWTS?