Dancing With The Stars @ 8pm

November 26, 2007 By:
Dancing With The Stars  @ 8pm

I thought for sure by now Helio would have been cut or at least Marie instead of Jennie, but it goes to show you just how important the fan votes are to the show. This week marks the finale and tonight the final three Marie, Helio, and Queen Mel B duke it out for the final dance sequence that include freestyle dances and judges' choice. Below are a countdown of top ten Season 5 highlights:

10. A Surprising Final Three

The eviction of Jennie Garth over Marie Osmond showed us just how important the fan vote is to the show.

9. Mel B "Whips" It Up

She brought the paso doble to a whole new level with her use of a whip. No wonder she scored a 30 on it, the judges were scared!

8. Helio Castroneves' Quickstep

After a shaky few weeks, this week eight number was his comeback. And who could forget that lip lock at the end with Julianne?

7. The Lift Controversy

Carrie Ann took a cranky pill in week four and was all over the dancers about their feet leaving the floor. It had us checking on toes the rest of the season.

6. Mark Cuban's Exit

When Mark left, the competition shifted into high gear. He was the last of the "so-so" dancers and, with him gone, the good dancers were left to fight off eviction.

5. Jennie Garth's Tango

After the fall in week two, Jennie bounced back with an incredible tango. This was the moment her roll began.

4. Jennie Garth Stumbles

Her flushed face and tears said it all, this dancing business wasn't easy. But we think it was the push she needed to give it her all.

3. Sabrina Bryan's Return

Her week nine dance with Mark had us fans wondering how we forgot to vote for her week six.

2. Sabrina Bryan's Early Exit

She got a lot of flack for being a "ringer" but did anyone see that coming? Didn't think so!

1. Marie Osmond Faints

Definitely the tensest moment in the history of the show. We had to suffer through a long commercial break to find out she was ok.