Curse Of Dancing With The Stars Continues!

March 12, 2009 By:
Curse Of Dancing With The Stars Continues!

Dancing with the Stars is dangerous! Contestants are dropping like flies! First was Nancy O’Dell, followed by Jewel, and now three of the guys are injured! Steve Wozniak walked out of rehearsals today wearing a walking cast on his left leg. But despite the setback, Steve vows to continue competing. He says his next dance will be "wild and fast and all-over crazy and fun, just like the first one."

The next injury to report is actor Gilles Marini, who you may remember as the hot naked guy from Sex and the City. He discovered that he suffered a separated shoulder after he complained to a doctor that he couldn’t lift his arm. But he too says he’ll coming back and competing next Monday.

And finally, Steve-O has hurt himself as well. He released a statement today, telling his fans about it:

"A physical therapist has told me that nerves are being pinched in my back and it is in spasms because of inflammation related to torn muscles. I'm doing everything I can to let it heal; icing it, taking Advil, drinking water, visiting a chiropractor, and continuing to be worked on by the physical therapist. I'm still rehearsing every day, but walking through my salsa routine, rather than practicing the physical stunts and tricks that are incorporated into it. It is going to be a risky routine that I hope to pull off."

It’s no surprise Steve-O is powering through the pain. This has to be nothing compared to the stunts he’s done on Jackass! Word to the wise, be careful on that set! It seems to be cursed!