Celebrities Who Turned Down 'Dancing With The Stars'

August 29, 2011 By:
Celebrities Who Turned Down 'Dancing With The Stars'

If you’re a celebrity looking to revive your career, you basically have two options: leaking a sex tape or appearing on Dancing With The Stars. Most of the time, the latter is less embarrassing.

America seems to have a fascination with seeing how well our favorite celebs can hold their own on the dance floor. But not every celebrity is dying to get on the dance floor. Here are some celebs who turned down Dancing With The Stars.

Mark Zuckerberg: According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network approached the Facebook creator, but they were unable to secure him for the show.

“We’ve approached a lot of people over the years,” says executive producer Conrad Green. “People say no for a variety of reasons. Some people like the show but think they suck at dancing. It’s a lot easier to say no than it is to say yes.”

Condoleezza Rice: The former Secretary of State reportedly rejected the offer to appear on Season 11. Probably because she’s, you know, a politician, and not a celebrity shopping for a reality show. That just doesn’t happen. Oh wait, I forgot that Sarah Palin exists.

Tim Allen: A casting source from Dancing With The Stars revealed that they made Tim Allen an initial offer of $125,000 just for singing. But he reportedly declined for unknown reasons. Really, you’ll play a CGI dog but you won’t do this? Allen’s reps insist he was never asked to appear on the show, however.

Suzanne Somers: Dancing With The Stars’ producers wanted Somer’s to appear on Season 11, but she turned them down. Her manager confirmed to E! News that Somers “did turn it down, but only because she’s too busy.” Too busy doing what? Is the ThighMaster making a comeback?

Joel McHale: The Community star reportedly rejected an offer to appear on the show. But his rep said, “"It is 100 percent false that he was offered a spot on this year's show.” If he would’ve taken it, Joel McHale would’ve had three shows on TV. And on top of that, he could’ve made fun of himself on The Soup. I’m sure Hoda and Kathy Lee would’ve appreciated the break.

Ann Coulter: Ann Coulter reportedly rejected the network’s offer to appear on the show as well. Which is a shame, because I’d really like to see what dancing looks like when you have a stick up your ass.