Another Illness Strikes Set Of DWTS

October 30, 2008 By:
Another Illness Strikes Set Of DWTS

Ok, the sickness and injury tally on this season of Dancing with the Stars has gotten too high. What are they feeding the contestants? It seems every other week, someone is being rushed to the hospital! They should at least give them incentives now to try and stay healthy, with the way things are going.

The latest dancer to fall ill is Lacey Schwimmer, Lance Bass' partner. According to the Insider, Lacey just got diagnosed with the same ailment as Julianne Hough- endometriosis. Lacey said she only went to the doctor after realizing she had the same symptoms as Julianne. Lacey's doctors told her yesterday, and rather than go straight to the hospital, she went straight to those reliable folks over at the Insider. She probably just had gas, but the Insider convinced her that the endo story was more compelling.

In any case, according to Lacey, she's in the early stages of the condition and won't have to go to surgery, but she is taking medication for it.

Who's next???