‘DWTS’s Lacey Schwimmer Discovers Naked Man In Her Dressing Room

June 15, 2012 By:
‘DWTS’s Lacey Schwimmer Discovers Naked Man In Her Dressing Room

And just like that, your Friday morning got a little weirder…

“Dancing with the Stars” Lacey Schwimmer got a surprise late Thursday in the form of a fresh steaming plate of naked man action. The star walked in to her dressing room of the “DWTS: LIVE in Las Vegas” show to find the nude bandit in her bathroom.

RadarOnline reports the incident…

“Lacey walked into her dressing room and her door was kicked in,” a source said. “She found a man naked and ready to get into her shower.”

Had Schwimmer not been totally freaking out, the naked man might have had a chance to explain himself…. “Dude, I know I’ve never met you or anything, but is it cool if I just rinse off quick? I’m already naked and stuff.”

According to the source, this is not how it went down at all.

"It was terrifying, he was a complete stranger!” they said. “Lacey rushed out and has since reported the incident to police”

Schwimmer spoke with cops last night. No word yet on whether any suspects have been named or apprehended.

The incident occured after one other backstage drama with cast mate Tia Carrere. Though her story was spared any dangling man unit details, Carrere’s purse was stolen from her dressing room just two weeks ago.

"It would seem that there needs to be a little more backstage security!" the source said.

“DWTS: LIVE in Las Vegas” twelve-week run is currently showing it’s 80-minute performance at the Tropicana Hotel. Tickets range from $40 to $144, but judging by this story I doubt it’s too hard to sneak in for free.