Damn its good to be a celebrity

March 1, 2006 By:

Boy its tough being a celebrity in Hollywood! Constantly battling to look glam will make celebrities take extreme measures. A week before Oscars several Beverly Hills hotels are taken over by those prepared to dress, adorn and rectify the slightest flaws of the rich and famous. Since we are all stuck in our cubicles and cant take a two hour lunch break to visit these suites cause we're stuck in the damn office making graphs, paper clipping files, bombarding ourselves with post it notes, and making coffee for our bosses, our spies have sent us the exclusives as to what this years Oscar's suites offer. There is caviar to be rubbed on skin rather than be eaten on toast. Spa product maker Kerstin Florian gives nominees gift baskets featuring her Caviar Eye Crème, “purported to regenerate skin cells as it imparts a youthful glow.

” If caviar isn't expensive enough, how about a diamond healing massage? "Desperate Housewives" star Teri Hatcher partook of the treatment this week while visiting an invitation-only diamond event in Hollywood Hills. In probably the most expensive massage ever, $1.5 million in 18-carat diamonds are placed on energy points on the body and ultraviolet light "reads" the resulting vibrations. And as if the multimillion-dollar salaries weren't annoying enough, if a celebrity is going to the Oscars expect them to take home a gold statuette or a gift baskets worth an estimated $100,000!

The freebies range from a $25,000 luxury vacation package from the posh Halekulani Hotel in Waikiki to pampering at the Cornelia Day Resort to a $600 Krups espresso machine. Wow isn’t life grand? Hooray for Hollywood!

Damn this cubicle!