On Screen Hard-A** Damian Lewis Reveals Marshmallowy Center

October 26, 2012 By:
On Screen Hard-A** Damian Lewis Reveals Marshmallowy Center

He might be one of the most menacing fellows of the small screen, but when the director calls “CUT” the teddy bear comes out.

Damian Lewis – known for his role as the vindictive Nick Brody on the white-hot Showtime series “Homeland” – is actually a super cool dude. No, for real…

In GQ magazine, Lewis opened up about his soft serve core, alongside images of the television star riding on luggage carts and running around in clothes that cost more than your monthly rent.

"I know it looks like I'm thinking deep thoughts on the show," he said, "but I'm probably just trying to remember my next line."

If you’re familiar with “Homeland” series, then you’re familiar with his unpredictability and dark past that keeps viewers gnawing at their fingernails between the hours of ten and 11 o’clock on Sunday nights. But, according to the actor, the messy personal situation of the character is like waking up to a big pile of presents on Christmas morning.

"He's a lot of fun to play, because he behaves badly in extremes," he said.

In “Homeland,” Lewis' character is a former United States Marine Corps Sniper who was held captive overseas for eight years. Despite his difficulty adjusting after returning stateside, he’s able to climbs the ranks, becoming Gunnery Sergeant, and then Congressman. Oh...and he may or may not be a terrorist.

But, in the interview, Lewis sheds the shaky, double agent exterior and just puts his British ginger charm on display.

Alas…after this brief look into the “real” Damian, he’ll crawl back into his character when “Homeland” continues its gripping presence this Sunday at 10/9c on Showtime.