Dakota Fanning Won't Be a Hollywood Tragedy

March 12, 2010 By:
Dakota Fanning Won't Be a Hollywood Tragedy

Dakota Fanning is the poster child for young actors in Los Angeles who are on the right path. She began working in Hollywood at a very young age, but she’s never steered herself in the wrong direction.

From the time Fanning has been a child, people have noted that she seems wise beyond her years. And even now at age 16, she hasn’t turned to drugs or alcohol, which has claimed the lives of so many young stars.

Hollyscoop spoke with Dakota on the red carpet of her new movie The Runaways, and asked her how she stays in the limelight, and out of trouble.

The starlet told us EXCLUSIVELY, “I just don’t know. I stick to myself and live my own life."

When asked what Dakota thought about former teen star Corey Haim’s tragic death, she told Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY, "I think that everyone has their own path in their life,” Dakota explained. “And of course when anyone passes away its horrible.”

Fanning offered up her condolences to Haim’s family, and added sweetly, “Whatever he went through, I don’t think I am in a position to judge somebody else.”

We hope more young stars would act like Dakota (on and off the screen!). She’s an amazing role model to younger kids in the industry, including her younger sister Elle, who is making a name for herself as well. Sounds like Dakota has great parents who haven’t allowed her to do whatever she wants just because she’s a movie star!