Dakota Fanning Unrecognizable At 'Twilight' Premiere

November 13, 2012 By:
Dakota Fanning Unrecognizable At 'Twilight' Premiere
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So the big The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2  premiere happened in LA last night and while the stars stunned and wowed, there was one who stood out in a different way--Dakota Fanning.

For those of you who don’t follow Twilight drama, yes, Dakota Fanning plays a vampire in the movie. I know, it’s super random.

Anyways, seeing as Dakota was one of the films’ biggest celebrities (despite having a small part in the movie) you would have thought fans would go nuts once she arrived to the red carpet. Right? Wrong. And it was because when she got to the premiere, nobody recognized her.

Dakota Fanning (well, what’s left of her) showed off a new face, new hair, and new body at the premiere.

Her hair is chestnut brown, she ditched the chic middle part for a hair-cut that screams “17-year-old who works at the mall,” she gained a little bit of weight and her dress was pretty unimpressive. Woah, I think I just out-bitched myself? Whatever.

Anyways, when Dakota stepped onto the carpet, NOBODY knew who she was. Everyone just thought she was some random invited guest. It wasn’t until Dakota stopped for an official interview and her name was announced that everyone screamed “That’s Dakota Fanning?!” Nobody gave her any interviews because no-one recognized her!

Maybe she’s going incognito because she’s a student at NYU and her blonde tresses gave her away? Maybe she’s changing her look for a role? She’s currently filming Night Moves where she plays an environmentalist. Ahhh, that would explain the drab look. There we go, that’s your answer.