Cuba Gooding Jr. Caught On Video Leaving Bar After Fight

August 3, 2012 By:

Cuba Gooding Jr. continues to make less than zero friends while filming a movie in New Orleans.

After a dramatic week for the actor who became the subject of an arrest warrant that turned into a court summons after he allegedly shoved a female bartender around, twice, we finally get a chance to hear his side of the story.

TMZ is posting exclusive video that was apparently shot on the curb outside the bar, right after Cuba got allegedly all sorts of pushy and then left when someone told him either that they were going to, or already had called the cops.

The cameraphone quality vid captures a mass of people and confusion, but at one point we do see Cuba, in a floppy hat, and hear the bartender yelling for someone to again, call the cops.

She then tells him, “I don’t play.”

There is an inaudible reply prompting her to say, “Excuse me, no! Cause you’re a star?”

There’s some commotion and we hear Cuba come to what he thinks is the heart of the matter, boiling the whole thing down to being an issue of skin color.

“She’s racist. She’s racist. She doesn’t like me.”

Cuba was issued a summons to appear in court Friday morning although we're told he does not have to appear. The bartender who alleged this whole incident took place has dropped the charges.