Bartender Drops Charges Against Cuba Gooding Jr.

August 2, 2012 By:

Remember all the way to Monday night when Cuba Gooding Jr., the “show me the money” guy, allegedly got drunk and shoved a female bartender at an absinthe bar in New Orleans and then ran away and was issued an arrest warrant, but then his rep says the arrest warrant was lifted and now Cuba has been sent a summons to appear in court on Friday on a misdemeanor charge of municipal battery. Whew, got all that?

Well, that might all be water under the bridge, because the bartender reportedly doesn’t want to press charges! See how things always work out in a celebrities favor?

Managers at the Old Absinthe House where the woman works said that she doesn’t plan on pursuing criminal charges against the actor.

“It is our understanding the employee involved in the alleged altercation has chosen to drop all charges against Mr. Cuba Gooding Jr.,” spokesperson Carolyn Pierce told The Associated Press, “While we continue to investigate this matter internally, we are hopeful that this will put an end to the matter.”

Cuba’s hearing is set for Friday, but the actor does not have to appear. The case is still listed as pending with the court.

According to a court employee in New Orleans, once Gooding’s summons is processed, the bartender can officially drop the charges.

Here’s some backstory:

Cuba was in New Orleans filming a movie. He went out to the Old Absinthe Bar and allegedly got mad drunk. Some fans started taking pictures, this pissed him off, he started cursing at them, the bartender said “hey man, you gotta go” as bartenders so often do, so Cuba turned to the female bartender and allegedly pushed her twice!

He left the bar and an arrest warrant was issued, but quickly rescinded when Cuba and his lawyer met with authorities who issued a court summons for the actor to appear this Friday.