Arrest Warrant Issued For Cuba Gooding Jr. In New Orleans

July 31, 2012 By:
Arrest Warrant Issued For Cuba Gooding Jr. In New Orleans

Cuba Gooding Jr. - Oscar winning actor and a wanted man?
I’m not talking about wanted by woman the world over. I’m talking about by the police, in New Orleans specifically.

TMZ is reporting that early this morning, or late last night depending on what drinking schedule you’re on, Cuba was unwinding at The Old Absinthe House on Bourbon Street.

Apparently, some people recognized him, and started taking pictures (no surprise).

He allegedly got angry and started swearing at them (hmmm, kind of surprising, right?).

The bartender reportedly asked him to leave and he threw a fit, and then her, against a wall… Whoa! What?!?!?

If this claim is true...Cuba, you don’t hit or emphatically shove girls. Ever.

Totally inappropriate.

Following the alleged incident, somebody called 911, but no one got arrested, not sure on whether or not he was even on the scene when the officers showed up.
But as of right now, they have issued a warrant to arrest him on sight.

Not that he’s going to be that hard to find. Hey Mr. N.O.P.D, just head down to his latest movie set, the production called “The Butler.”

He’ll be the one standing right next Oprah Winfrey.

What happened to that guy holding the Oscar bouncing up and down, crying, emphatically professing his love for everyone, everywhere and then everyone everywhere again?

Seriously Cuba, this isn’t Good(ing). At all.


The New Orleans Police Department has issued a press release confirming all the details below, but then added one...

Gooding didn’t just allegedly shove the bartender once, but twice (gasp)! Once when she told him to leave, and a second time after she told him that the police had been called. Then he left.

An attorney for the actor has been in contact with the police and assured them that “Mr. Gooding is taking necessary actions to address the matter.”