Cristiano Ronaldo Paid Baby Mama to Stay Silent?

July 7, 2010 By:
Cristiano Ronaldo Paid Baby Mama to Stay Silent?

The mystery of Cristiano Ronaldo's new baby is getting juicier as the days go by.

He stunned the world over the weekend by announcing that he was a proud father of a baby boy. He also said the identity of his baby mama is going to stay a secret. What's the deal with that?

Cristiano's quite the Playboy so we certainly don't see him settling down with anyone anytime soon. But a big payout to the baby mama may be just what it took to keep her quiet.

Cristiano Announces Baby News; Head to LA with New Girlfriend

The UK Sun says Cristiano transferred $20 million into her account on Monday in return for her giving up any rights to see the child and swearing her to total secrecy.

The woman in question is believed to be ”a party girl” and not someone Ronaldo would “settle down” with. He does have a thing for hookers and strippers!

“He paid nearly a year’s wages but it’s more than worth it,” a source said. "He’s called it the most expensive day of his life, but at least he has sole custody.”

We really can't imagine Cristiano as a father and doubt we'll ever see photos of his new son, but with a bombshell confession like that, guess you never know.