Cristiano Ronaldo Involved in Car Accident

January 8, 2009 By:
Cristiano Ronaldo Involved in Car Accident

One of the hottest soccer players in the world was involved in a car accident but thankfully he is allright. His car...not so much!

Cristiano Ronaldo was driving through a tunnel at Manchester Airport when he hit the wall and completely destroyed his very expensive Ferrari.

A witness told the UK Sun: "The front of Ronaldo's car was completely mangled. There was metal all over the road and debris - and we had to dodge our way through it.

“Ronaldo was just standing at the side of the road looking forlorn and bewildered...My daughter said to me, 'Oh my God - that's Cristiano Ronaldo!' It's amazing he was okay because his car looked so bad.”

We don't know what we would have done with ourselves if something happened to Ronaldo. Surprisingly, he left the accident scene without a scratch and was at practice later in the day. Now that's our man!