Craig Ferguson Does 'Late Late Show' In The Dark

June 28, 2012 By:

Thanks to a “blown transformer” or something called “the power fused in the can,” there was no electricity on “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” and the host had to do last night’s episode in the dark.

I guess the show is on so “late, late” that it’s now the “Dark, Dark Show with Craig Ferguson.” Ehhh, get it?

Anyway, Craig and his co-host, a robot (yes, his co-host is a robot) told the audience that the dark stage was due to a “blown transformer” to which Craig joked, “Lucky Optimus Prime, I’d say!”


Craig continues to joke about the working conditions of his stage, telling the audience, “Some electricity is getting in, and other electricity is not getting in…We are going to be doing the show by the light of a robot’s eye.”

“I can't understand how we have the technology to make the robot work, but not the lights!” quipped Craig.

He then brought out all the electricians, all nine of them, and joked, “It’s a great day to live in America! And It’s a great day if you’re an electrician and you work at CBS because you’re gonna make some f-cking overtime tonight!”

They were able to broadcast the show with flashlights and some house light above the audience.

Overall, the effect of the show landed somewhere between the opening credits to “The Twilight Zone” and an episode of “Ghost Hunters.”

Craig stood in the dark and made a face at the audience during his opening monologue before deciding, “That’s scary, that’s genuinely frightening. If I didn’t have the white hanky [in my suit], it would be all like **makes spooky noises**”

But as the old saying goes, “The show must go on,” and Craig finished the full hour with guests Lisa Kudrow and Harvey Weinstein.