Courtney Stodden's Music Debut Canceled By Gay Club

November 15, 2012 By:
Courtney Stodden's Music Debut Canceled By Gay Club

You know Courtney Stodden? That child bride (though I’m convinced she’s actually a 45-year-old woman pretending to be 18) who married a 52-year-old man named Doug Hutchinson and spends her days putting scandalous photos of herself on the internet so she can get 15-minutes-of-famous? Yeah, her.

Anyways, she was supposed to make her “singing” debut next Wednesday at the most famous gay club in West Hollywood, but the bar suddenly pulled the plug on the performance without giving a reason.

My guess? They probably Googled her.

The club she was supposed to perform at was The Abbey, which is a favorite bar for stars like Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan and Sarah Jessica Parker.

The Abbey’s only response to why they kicked Courtney to the curb was that “ultimately she just wasn’t a fit.”

Courtney’s mom thinks Courtney was just too famous and would cause a mass frenzy at the bar, so they had no choice but to back out.  Riiiggghhht.

“It was too much for the Abbey to handle, too much press and controversy,” says Courtney’s mom Krista Keller, “Courtney’s not disappointed. She rolls with the punches.”

Courtney’s rep adds, “We are currently seeking alternate opportunities for Courtney to make her debut club performance in West Hollywood.”

I think there’s a bus stop on the corner of La Brea Ave and Santa Monica Blvd and a lot of homeless guys that would probably LOVE Courtney’s “music debut.”