How Courtney Love Got Super Skinny

October 6, 2008 By:
How Courtney Love Got Super Skinny

Did Courtney Love lie about how she managed to lose all that weight? Courtney originally claimed that she followed a strict diet plan to shed those extra pounds.

Now, a source is telling the News of the World that she may have taken a little shortcut to skinny town.

"Courtney has always had problems with her appearance. Two years ago she had a gastric band fitted at a surgery in Beverly Hills. Lots of doctors refused to do it as she was nowhere near obese, just a little overweight, but eventually she found one. And as soon as she had the operation the excess weight started to drop off her," a friend of Courtney's allegedly told the tabloid.

If she did have the surgery, why can't she just come out and admit it?