Courtney Love's Massive Credit Card Bills Revealed

May 28, 2009 By:
Courtney Love's Massive Credit Card Bills Revealed

Courtney Love must be using the same money manager as Michael Jackson because not only is she scrapped for cash, she's in some serious debt!

American Express is suing love for $352,059.67 for unpaid charges and fees for three separate AmEx cards. She currently owes $279,079.68 on her Centurion Card, $69,245.56 on her Gold Card, and another $3,734.43 on her Platinum card, reports TMZ.

Love is no stranger to being sued, back in 2008 business management and accounting firm London and Co. also took her to court for allegedly failing to pay them a percentage of her profits when she sold a portion of Nirvana's publishing rights for $19.5 million.

And more recently she launched a lawsuit of her own against a group of people claiming she has been robbed of $45 million dollars cash and $705 million worth of other assets, which were supposedly left to her after her hubby Kurt Cobain died in 1994.

How this woman blew through $19 million dollars in less than a year is beyond us. Sounds like someone has some serious spending issues. The court should order her to Shoppers Anonymous.