Courtney Love Stabbed Kurt Cobain

June 23, 2010 By:
Courtney Love Stabbed Kurt Cobain

Wow Courtney Love is all about tough love. She admits that she used to stab late husband Kurt Cobain in his testicles with pins in order to wake him up.

Courtney says that every time Kurt, who was a heroin addict, went on a drug binge she would wake him up by stabbing him. Ouch!

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Speaking about Kurt in new VH1 documentary 'Behind the Music: Courtney Love', she said: "He'd pass out and seek oblivion and I'd have to f***ing slap him and put pins in his balls and put ice cubes everywhere and it started to p**s me off... I started resenting that; I didn't like being a nursemaid."

In the show she also admitted that she doesn't like being hated by his fans. maybe don't admit you used to stab him?! She said, “It's really hard sometimes when everyone in the world is picking on you. And that's what started happening.

"Everyone in the world started picking on me. It really, really hurt my feelings - it was horrible. It took a long time to adapt to it - that was trauma. That was traumatic. I didn't ask to be hated. I just don't mind being a b***h."

'Behind the Music: Courtney Love' will be aired on VH1 over the next two weeks. It's certainly going to be an interesting documentary!