Courtney Love Reveals Celebrity Drug Addicts

May 25, 2011 By:
Courtney Love Reveals Celebrity Drug Addicts

If you've hung out with Courtney Love anytime recently, you're about to be outed. The rocker is so sick of being called a "drug freak", she's druggie name dropping.

"I've been maligned as this drug freak for years, and I'm getting tired of it. That's not the way I live anymore. I try to work a good program. I don't do smack. I don't do crack anymore," Love said.

Courtney says she's been the confidant of choice when young Hollywood starlets want help. Mostly, I'm guessing, because they can get high just by standing within fifteen feet of her.

"Lindsay Lohan called me after she was arrested," Love revealed. "I told Lindsay to just get it together and trust the judge."

Kim Stewart and Paris Hilton also apparently wanted advice from Love.

"For some reason, Kim Stewart also called me when Paris Hilton got pulled over for her last D.U.I....I'm not even that friendly with these girls. What am I, a junkie Auntie Mame?"

Pretty much. Love and Kelly Osbourne apparently had a close friendship, with Love revealing she's saved Osbournes life twice.

"Once with C.P.R. and another time with C.P.R. and violence—by which I mean I had to poke her furiously in certain places to wake her up from her coma," Love claims.

In the past, Love has illustrated that claim using the infamous drug scene from Pulp Fiction as an example.

Courtney says the low point of her druggie days was "snorting blow up Pamela Anderson's ass."

And that's not the only surprising bum Courtney has paled around with.

"[Andy Dick] handed me a pill right before the show and said, 'Courtney, take this, it's like Vicodin without the aspirin.' It f***ed me up bad. Winona Ryder slipped me a similar pill a few months earlier. I'm such an addict that I just swallowed them both, without asking what they were," Love revealed.

But according to her, those days are over. She's overcome addictions to heroin, cocaine, and most recently, Adderall.
"[It was] legitimately prescribed to me by a respectable physician," she says. "But after Britney [Spears] freaked out a couple of years ago, and her toxicology report said she was taking a much lower dose than I was, I decided to get off that sh*t."