Courtney Love: I Did Heroin at Charlie Sheen's House

May 26, 2011 By:
Courtney Love: I Did Heroin at Charlie Sheen's House

Everyone has his or her crazy drug and alcohol first-time stories, “this is the walk-in closet where I first tasted Mikes Hard Lemonade” or “that’s the tree outside the astronomy building where I first smoked menthols.”

There are very few people who can say “That’s Charlie Sheen’s balcony where I first shot up heroine.” And that person is, none other than, Courtney Love.

That isn’t entirely true, Courtney snorted heroin for the first time when she was 16 and working as a dancer in Thailand, but silly girl, she thought the white stuff in her nose was cocaine! Everyone knows cocaine is a more appropriate drug for a 16 year old than heroin.

Love confesses that she went to a party at Sheen’s Malibu home in the 90’s and it was then that “my whole heroin drama began."

Luckily she stopped the heroin habit in 1996 after some scary attempts to overdose on the drug.

Today, Love claims she is drug-free “more or less,” but then she goes on to say, “The other night, someone offered me a bump of cocaine at an art gallery opening, and I did it.”

So, I’m no Dr. Drew, but I’d say that isn’t “drug-free” at all. There’s no such thing as "more or less drug free." That’s like saying, “I don’t smoke weed anymore, unless it’s baked into my pot brownies. That I can do.”