Courtney Love Claims $530 Million Has Been Stolen From Her

April 8, 2009 By:
Courtney Love Claims $530 Million Has Been Stolen From Her

Courtney Love seems to have finally woken up from her pill-induced state of mind to realize that a ton of her money has gone missing. We’re not talking thousands here, we’re talking $530 million!

According to Love’s lawyer Rhonda J Holmes, a team of investigators has discovered $30 million in cash missing, and another $500 million in real estate. Bank accounts had been set up using Courtney and her daughter Frances Bean’s social security numbers.

Holmes told Page Six: "I have never seen such greed and moral turpitude. This case is going to make Bernard Madoff look warm and fuzzy.”

"We will be filing civil cases . . . within the next 30 days. There are many, many millions missing. We've only been able to track down $30 million, but there is more. And then there is the real estate."

She added, "There is now a web of homes which were bought, flipped and used to launder money -- up to $500 million worth. Any of the property we can get back will be donated to people who have lost their homes in foreclosures."

According to, Love and her lawyer aren’t hiding the fact that Courtney has struggled with substance abuse, which is probably partially why she let this go unnoticed for so long. Her lawyer says she only realized the money was missing after it was all gone.

But Holmes says in the past year Courtney her been taking the necessary steps to regain control of her life and take sobriety more seriously.

This is so sad! Love her or hate her, this is an awful thing to happen to anyone. Plus, Courtney and Frances aren’t the only one suffering. When Kurt Cobain died in 1994, he left his estate not only to them, but also to his mother, two sisters, and brother. We hope the sleaze balls that tried to get away with this are caught.