Source: Courteney Cox's Affair was More than Emotional

October 14, 2010 By:
Source: Courteney Cox's Affair was More than Emotional

Ever since David Arquette confessed his wife Courteney Cox was having an “emotional affair” with her Cougar Town co-star Brian Van Holt, we’ve been wondering what exactly he meant by it.

And now a source who claims they know Courteney well says the affair was more than just a fling, and that the actress actually has strong feelings for him.

The unnamed source tells the relationship was "kept far from the spotlight.”

"Courteney doesn't believe she was cheating on David because they had been leading separate lives for some time,” says the insider.

"But she is smitten and in love with this man, almost besotted... he seems to be providing something that David didn't during the marriage.

"They've been secretly dating for some time, and now the split with David is official, time will tell if the relationship may well get even more serious."

As we know now, David was carrying on a fling on the side with a bartender. He told Howard Stern, "My sexual encounter made me feel pretty manly.”

Sources say things were bad at home for Courteney and David for quite some time, and that they had also suffered a series of miscarriages, which added to the tension.

We just hope if this alleged affair is true, that it’s kept from their daughter Coco. It would be terrible for her to know both of her parents were cheating on each other before making the divorce official.