David Arquette: Working With Courteney Cox is Amazing

August 6, 2010 By:
David Arquette: Working With Courteney Cox is Amazing

Husband and wife David Arquette and Courteney Cox are reuniting on the big screen after a whole decade with Scream 4. We talked EXCLUSIVELY with Arquette last night at the 6th Annual Hollyshorts Film Festival featuring Moet & Chandon, and he gave us the scoop on the upcoming sequel.

“We are filming right now,” David told us about the status of the production. He also gushed about being back on screen with his lovely wife. “It was amazing working with Courteney,” he added.

Arquette explained that Courteney already finished filming to get ready for her other job. “She’s done now because she has to go back to do Cougar Town,” he explained.

David also told us it was fun having the gang back together, and working with people like Neve Campbell, who has been a part of the franchise since the beginning.

He went on about his wife, saying, “I get such a kick out of her as an actress. We have so much fun sort of playing off each other. We work together a lot with our production company and everything and developing different stuff. But being able to act opposites we get to play in a different way that we are able to in our real lives.”

As for her acting skills, Arquette says, “I love her honesty. She’s a real actor. Everything is truthful to her. If it doesn't make any sense she automatically understands it. And She has a sense of comedy that is in tune with that really grounds something.”

He’s right! Courtney is obviously great at comedic roles, like Monica on Friends, and her current role as Jules on Cougar Town. But she’s also great at being dramatic.

We can’t wait to see them back together next year on screen for Scream 4!

The opening night of the Hollyshorts film festival kicked off with a hosted reception by Moet & Chandon celebrating the premiere of David Arquette’s 3D short, “The Butler’s In Love.” Guests sipped Moet & Chandon mini flutes in the outdoor atrium of the Director’s Guild of America while mingling with top filmmakers and actors from the films being screened throughout the seven day festival.