Courtney Cox Ready to Undergo IVF for Another Baby

January 6, 2009 By:
Courtney Cox Ready to Undergo IVF for Another Baby

Courteney Cox is ready for baby #2 and she's willing to go the extra mile to make it happen. Cox, who married actor David Arquette in 1999, admits she had a really hard time conceiving Coco, 4, and had to go through In Vitro Fertilization to make it happen.

"I'd like to have another child and I'll probably do IVF again, even though it's hard. Maybe if it doesn't work I'll adopt," she told Metro.

She added, "I can't imagine life without having a child, I don't even remember what life was like four years ago. Coco is everything to me. I had problems getting pregnant, we did IVF and it was tough."

Courtney is hoping she'll be able to give Coco a sibling because it was always a fantasy of hers to have a lot of children, just like her mother. Her own mother had four kids, but Courtney would be happy with two. Well practice makes perfect kids, get on it!

Can't wait for the Jennifer Aniston adoption/pregnancy rumors to start again. As soon as Courtney gets pregnant, it's all we're going to hear.