Courteney Cox: This Ride is Closed!

April 14, 2011 By:
Courteney Cox: This Ride is Closed!

Courteney Cox used an appearance on David Letterman to let the world know her va-jay-jay is closed for business. No one is getting on that ride.

Court's estranged hubby David Arquette confessed on Wednesday that he tried to feel her up during a family trip to Disneyworld, but Court wasn't having it!

"He did try to hit on me," Court admitted to David Letterman. "He hit pretty hard. and I said, 'No more fast pass right now. Not that ride!'"

David's version of the story was a little raunchier. He told Howard Stern, "Listen, I tried to f*** her, and she doesn't even want me. [I thought], this is the happiest place on Earth! Let’s make it happier!"

Although David's verbal diarrhea is getting old. Court says there's no hard feelings.

The next day, during an appearance on Good Morning America, Cox added of Arquette's crazy Stern outbursts: "David is a showman, he knows what he's doing. He has such a big heart and I know whatever he says is just for entertainment. He knows what he's doing. We're at the best point ever."

Someone really does need to sit him down and have the 'it's not OK to share everything' talk. But than again, it does make for great entertainment.