Courteney Cox Says Estranged Husband David Arquette 'Is My Best Friend'

January 12, 2012 By:
Courteney Cox Says Estranged Husband David Arquette 'Is My Best Friend'

Oh for the love of god just get back together already!!!

Courteney Cox and David Arquette can’t stop gushing about each other. So it makes total sense that they’re separated and planning out their divorce.

“He’s my favorite person in the whole world,” Courteney told PEOPLE of her estranged husband. “He’s my best friend. No matter what happens in our future, he’s my very best friend.”

They love each other? Check. Best friends? Check. These two have the healthiest marriage in Hollywood.

The two separated in fall 2010 after being married for eleven years. Not only are they BFFs, they also work together. Courteney and David have a production company together. It's aptly named Coquette Productions.

“We sold one show, ‘Ten Year’, about a couple who separated after 10 years of marriage. It's not really about David and me, but it's something we related to and we thought we should tell a story about people who could actually get along after being separated. It's telling a different version."

David also recently recovered after rehab for alcohol abuse, and Cox says it was a milestone. "[We went out to celebrate] David's one year of sobriety," Cox says. "He's great. Good for him."

As for a reconciliation, you can go ahead and give up hope. When Howard Stern asked Arquette if he’d consider going back to Courteney, David replied, “Uh, I mean, no.”

Arquette has been dating Entertainment Tonight correspondent Christina McLarty. He says it was an awkward moment breaking the news to Courteney:

“She was sad, we were both sad. We both cried.”