Courteney Cox Refuses Sex With David Arquette

April 13, 2011 By:
Courteney Cox Refuses Sex With David Arquette

It’s official. David Arquette is so unattractive; his own wife won’t even have sex with him.

On the Howard Stern Show on Monday, Arquette says that he tried to make a move on Courteney Cox during their recent trip to Disney World, and she wasn’t having it.

“Listen, I tried to f-ck her, and she doesn't even want me," Arquette told Stern. "Oh, that's probably something I shouldn't have said.”

Most likely, Courteney heard he was going back on Howard Stern and didn’t want to give him anything to disclose.

Stern asked how far David got. “Just kiss?” Stern asked.

“A little bit. It was like we were…eight graders. Seventh graders.”

Since he changed his response from eighth to seventh, I can only assume that means Arquette lost his virginity in eighth grade. And I’m surprised he’s been laid since.

But there’s still hope for the couple, with Arquette saying he’s still in love with his estranged wife.

“I love her with all my heart,” he told Stern.

He also denied any rumors that Cox is having a sexual relationship with her costar Josh Hopkins.

“We have a really super f-cking honest relationship and it would have come up,” he said. “He’s a friend of all of ours…she hasn’t f-cked anybody.”

But Arquette also added that if she wanted to, she’s allowed. “We’re married but we’re not together, so she can do whatever she wants.”

Ah, the romance of married life.