Courteney Cox Not Surprised by David's Howard Stern Interview

October 13, 2010 By:
Courteney Cox Not Surprised by David's Howard Stern Interview

While we were all a little shocked by David Arquette’s Howard Stern interview yesterday, apparently Courteney Cox was not.

A friend of the actress tells People that she wasn’t surprised in the least.

"She knows who David is and what he's like," a source close to the couple says. "She married him. All that he said, and how he said it, that's David."

"Does she wish she could edit what comes out of his mouth? Sure," the source continues. "But nothing surprises her at this point. What's amazing about Courteney is that she doesn't get caught up in all the ridiculousness."

The source goes on to give the reason Arquette even spoke out in the first place.
"He felt really attacked and his first instinct was to defend himself," the source says. "He was totally bombarded with a lot of negative attention, most of which was inaccurate."

Says the source: "He wanted to make it clear that he had been faithful for 11 years and has only been with another woman [Jasmine Waltz] after he and Courteney were [separated]."

But the same insider says good friends of Courteney and David knew their split was bound to happen one day.
"This was a long time coming," the source says. "They haven’t been happy for a while and have been trying to make it work but they just can't do it anymore."

So sad! We hope they really can continue to be friends!